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“BLESST” was founded in 2007 by Troy Gattis as a Ministry and LLC. The Company specializes in Event Services. We offer Audio Services which include our Professional DJ's, PA Systems and Audio Equipment Rentals; Videography Services that specializes in Wedding Videos, Videos for Business and various types of Video Projects; Photography Services in the areas of Wedding Photography, Event Photography and General Photography Projects & ”Café BLESST” our “Name Your Price” Catering Service. What started as a one man band with Troy doing single services at a single event has grown into a company that provides multiple services at multiple events on any given day. The growth is a result of Troy’s marketing ability and his partnering up with other Professional Service Providers.

Troy’s life has been an interesting rollercoaster ride that would make a great book or movie. Unfortunately you'll have to wait for one or the other to get the full story but here's some background info. Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey 5 minutes from New York City; Troy grew up in a fast paced environment that developed his entrepreneurial skills.

The crazy fast pace streets of New York and New Jersey had Troy facing the same decisions and thoughts that many young African American males face today. His escape was the Military. He signed up and although he had the highest test score in the state and security clearance to get a top level top secret job, a crazy set up circumstances forced him to become a 94 Bravo; a Cook. This was the launch pad for a 20+year Culinary Career. This journey traveled from Denver to New York to Atlanta highlighted by an Apprenticeship at a 4 Star Hotel in Times Square in New York City.

As fate would have it Troy’s mother asked him to Cater the Pastors Anniversary Dinner for 250 people at their home Church. The response to the food was so good an overwhelming that it led to the launch of Troy’s Catering Service. The entrepreneur in him took full advantage of the opportunity and soon he found another one. Kless Diner a neighborhood staple in Irvington, New Jersey was struggling to keep customers. The neighborhood was changing and people were not happy with the menu. Troy made a deal with the owner to add his own Menu to their existing Menu selections. This turned out to be just what the business needed. It turned the Business around and Troy's reputation for good food and his Catering Service began to grow. Troy’s brother rallied family and friends together to invest in opening a restaurant in Atlanta. It was contingent upon Troy becoming the Chef. So being the team player Troy left behind all he had built and moved to Atlanta. The Restaurant never opened!

While Troy worked in the Culinary Field his passion was always music. He began DJ’ing in high school to make his money and had his own Club by age 17. He also Dj’ed, wrote for and produced a rap group that gained local fame throughout Jersey City. His dream to become a successful rapper himself led to him purchasing his own Studio Equipment. It was in Atlanta where he opened his Studio to the public and built the largest client list of any Studio in the city. His Marketing abilities allowed the Studio to gross from 50,000 to 6 figures annually catering to everyday people trying to become stars. The Studio did well not only for Troy but also provided employment for others including paid internships. Troy’s ability to create and mix music along with his general willingness to help people led to the growth of the business.

As a result of Client requesting, the business and Troy’s skill set began to grow in different directions. Troy begin Manufacturing CDs and educating himself in Graphic Art Design to learn to put images on the CDs and create CD covers. The next phase was learning to take Photos of the artist to add their images to the graphics. Finally he began Shooting and Editing Videos for clients as well. Although not formally educated in any of these areas Troy’s skill level is at the point where he now teaches and trains others in these areas.

One of the most important things to know about Troy is his faith in God. He has continually moved towards God and God continue to show him mercy and favor as he began to use Troy in Ministry.

Troy received a call to serve with Stardom Productions under Director Regina Scott who produced the stage play “The Lawd Done Sent Me A Man”. He served for a year as the Production Manager and it was his job to make sure everything got done. Trucks got loaded with the props and the props got to their destinations and set up properly. Then he would set up the sound system and lights; perform a sound check with the Actors and do the live mix for the performance. Then after the show help get the props broke down and loaded back on the trucks and many times would drive the truck himself back to the storage units, unload the trucks then drop the truck off. People thought Troy was getting rich off of the Productions because of all the work he was putting in but the truth is not even close. Troy did all the work because in his heart he knew he was serving a Ministry and helping to put forth God's message through the Play.

Troy’s next call came to Produce, Film an Edit Commercials for small businesses. It was basically a sales position where you approach businesses with the offer. Troy would shoot and edit many of these commercials as his name stayed at the top of the sales charts until he got his next call.

God showed Troy favor as he got a call from Bishop W. Ron Sailor Sr. who was Atlants first African-American man to anchor the News on a major network. He also was the former co-host of Tom Joyner on the V103 Tom Joyner Morning Show. The Bishop offered Troy a nice salary to be his Media Director at Christ The King Baptist Church in Dacula, GA. Troy headed up the Audio Department, the Video Department, Managed an Edited the Church Website, Built an Online News Magazine that featured Current Event News Stories and the Churches response to them, traveled around Metro Atlanta Filming and Editing the News Stories, and Built, Programed and Managed an Online Radio Station specializing in Live Talk and Gospel Music.

Currently Troy continues to serve with the Bishop Shooting and Editing a weekly TV show called “Living The Way” on WATC featuring Pastor Marion Sailor for Marion Sailor Ministries. He also serves on Sundays doing Live Sound Mixing rotating between the Historical Ebenezer Baptist Church (Home Church of Dr. Martin Luther King) and Grace Church International under Bishop Jonathan Alvarado. (Formally Total Grace). Troy is also looking for opportunities to share his Testimony and Stories of Encouragement with others in hopes of inspiring and motivating people to not just dream but work towards achieving their dreams.

Troy named the company “BLESST” (pronounced blessed but spelled with a "T" because the "ed" was taken) as a reminder to himself of whom and what he is and as a symbol to others as to what to expect by doing business with him. Expect to be blessed by the service you get, blessed by the professionalism and quality of the work you recieve, and blessed by the price you pay. Allow “BLESST” to be a blessing to you!!!

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