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Cameraman; for TV, Film & Reality Show Production - Day Rate $400 (8hrs.)

Includes; Cameraman, Chioce of DSLR or Sony EX1 Camera, Shotgun and/or Lapel Mic’s, On Camera LED Light, On Set Lighting, and use of 32 gig SD and/or Flash Cards. We offer up to 4 Cameramen.

Audio Package; for TV, Film & Reality Show Production - Day Rate $400 (8hrs.)

Includes; Sound Tech, Boom Pole, Sennheiser Shotgun Mic, 5 Sennheiser Lapel Mic’s, Zoom R24 & H6 Field Recorders, Use of 32 gig SD Cards

PA Package; for Speaking Engagements, Plays & Concerts - Day Rate $400 (8hrs.)

System includes; 2 Cerwin Vega Loud Speakers, 1 JBL Stage Monitor, 4 Par Cam Stage Lights w/ Stand, 4 Sennheiser Lapel Mic’s, 4 VocoPro Handheld Mic’s, Mixer w/ extra inputs for Band Members, CD Player & Sound/Light Tech. (Custom Packages can be arranged if you need more or less Mic’s, Monitors, Speakers, Lights or if you want to use your own Sound and/or Light Techs.

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